Your business. your reach.

Increase your range with wependio Ad's.

For tourism businesses, we have developed a programme on our online travel marketplace that is designed to get your offer across & get more bookings.

Increase visibility for your business.

Wependio myBusiness.

With the free wependio myBusiness profile, you increase your visibility and reach your target group. Use organic growth and benefit from more visibility!


Wependio myBusiness Ad's

Looking for a way to access countless individuals with minimal expenditure? That's precisely what we offer, with wependio myBusiness. With this resource, you can effectively reach vast numbers of people without breaking the bank!

Simple and 

We will devise your campaign with utmost attention. You need not possess any specialised knowledge!

Measurable results.

You can stay informed of the success of your ads with our reports, empowering you to take action as necessary.

Cost and time efficient.

Engage the upcoming generations with wependio myBusiness and enhance your earnings!

Nearly no wastage.

Broaden your reach to a wide demographic and unlock access to fresh prospects.


Marketing redifined.

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Own booking page

Easy to use & clearly arranged. Your free-to-use booking page from wependio.

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Comission free

There are no commissions when booking through your Wependio profile.

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Detailed insights

Clearly presented demographic data of your guests & followers.

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Fully editable

You decide what your guest sees. Easily customise your content.

make it thrive

Unlock the potential of your business.

With wependio myBusiness Ad's, you can catapult your brand to a wide-reaching demographic and get access to untapped customer pools. Illuminate the spotlight on your firm and experience an uptick in sales! Plus, we make sure all of the arrangements are catered for - it couldn't be simpler!

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