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Your new travel social media. Share your memories and journeys with people all over the world and discover stunning experiences.



More than 2,000,000 bookable hotels, experiences and sights from all over the world.
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share everything.
with everybody.

Your travels at a glance. Your followers & community always within reach. wependio is what has been missing until today.

All you need. And more.

Hotels, apartments and all kind of touristic facilities as well as sights and hotspots. All in connection with a diverse community.

Create Memories.

Capture your breathtaking moment & share it with your followers all over the world.

Directly bookable

Book your accommodation and next activity within a blink.

Secret Hotspots

Discover unseen places and share it with your community.

Get inspired

Follow other explorer and be part of their journeys.

Interactive and connected in a new way.

A new experience like never seen before. Your whole interaction on a visual next level.


wependio map

Discover a new way how you see the world in a unique and vibing style like no other map. Set your journeys and add your memories to every destination.


like never before

Take your picture. Set your trip. Add a filter and share it with the whole world within seconds. It has never been easier to stay up to date with your follower.


your goals

Ever wanted to know how far you have travelled? With our wependio goals you have a detailed overview if you have already made it to the moon.



We set new standards in connecting people and planning complete journeys in one single app. Be a part of wependio. Be unique.

wependio myBusiness

For our business users we created a tool never seen before. Your wependio business manager.

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No targeting anymore

Set your ad and reach exactly the people you want to reach.

No ad wastage

You are into traveling. So is the community of wependio.

Simple and easy

No complex interface. Fast setup. Welcome to wependio.

Stay tuned &
be up2date.

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Coming soon for iOS and Android.

Manage it all, in this all new social media.

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