current VERSION | 01.03.2023

Wependio V1.1

Discover What's New: A Summary of Past Updates at Wependio!


Actual & previous updates.

Stay Up-to-Date: An Overview of Wependio's Latest Updates

Wependio now live in App Stores | 01.05.2023

Wependio now available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Beta now live | 10.04.2023

Let's get prepared. Wependio beta is live!

Click-Prototype | 03.01.2023

Creation of the click prototype. Feature implementation.

Composition function script | 16.12.2022

Coding and composition of the functions.

Start Back- & Frontend Development | 11.11.2022

Start programming the back- & frontend as well as the database structure.


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